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Module 2 - Working with and influencing reluctant to change families

Practical tools to help families who are stuck, to engage and make changes that will enhance the lives of their children


To assist participants to gain deeper levels of rapport in order to influence families to take responsibility for improving family wellbeing.

Content to be drawn from …

• Change

  • Why change is difficult for some people
  • The Cycle of Change
  • NLP change process

• Influencing language - how to choose words

• The 4mat

  • A practical framework that can be used verbally and in written form to ensure maximum engagement and learning.

• Meta programmes

  • How to notice the unconscious programmes and patterns that individuals run (their language and behaviours).
  • To rapportly influence these patterns to optimise family motivation.

Plus much more.


Our purpose in doing this training is equip participants with the tools to influence families to recognise the need to change and assist them to start working to positive outcomes.


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